Wall Organiser - Tidy Mop Brush Holder - Blue

Wall-Tidy HD Organiser - Cleaning Equipment RACK. Tidy up Mop, Brush, Holder - Blue

  • High quality, sturdy industrial push and grip easy hang system
  • Tidy cleaning store cupboard, clear up avoid cross contamination.
  • Auto grips poles 9mm - 35mm. Available in 5 colours
  • Ideal for building colour-coded shadow boards - Blue.
Delivery date: 1-2 working days **No Current Delays Due To Covid-19**

HD Wall Organiser Rack- Tidy Mop,  Brush Holder  - Colour Coded - Blue

  • High quality, 4Kg grip capacity, HD industrial push and grip, quick, easy hang storage system .

  • Mounted easily, screws inc. Immediately tidy 3 cleaning tools from floor. (Grips poles from 9 to 35 mm dia).

  • Ideal for broom cupboards.

  • Ideal for organising sports equipment, gym equipment room
  • Quickly tidy cleaning store cupboard, prolong equipment life.

  • Available in 4 different colours also white.

  • Colour coded rack to easily organise and store correct equipment in correct place.
  • Best practice in avoiding cross-contamination of cleaning equipment.
  • Engineered in tough HD clean polypropylene on 50cm stainless steel bracket for durable, long life in commercial premises.
  • Colour coded for segregating colour coded cleaning equipment.
  • Ideal for building colour-coded shadow boards or storage rack - Blue.

Suitable for all traditional wooden brush shafts and all the professional poles and shafts we sell including Aluminium and composite (Fibre glass) hygiene poles. May NOT grip moulded or dimpled hard plastic type poles.

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Colour Blue
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