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3 x 5lt Catersan 1x 5lt Carbon OFF - Degreaser and Oven Cleaner Offer

  • 3 x 5lt Catersan Kitchen Degreaser
  • 1 x 5 lt Carbon Off (Oven Cleaner Gel)
  • Heavy Duty Carbon Removal Gel
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Kitchen Degreaser
  • Concentrated Industrial Anti-Bacterial Food Sanitiser
  • Spectacular performance

Carbon Off - Oven Cleaning Chemical Product - 4 pack Special Offer

  • Thick Oven Cleaner Gel
  • Oven Cleaning Chemcals Gel
  • QUICKLY and EASILY Cleans Carbon
  • Ideal on tough burnt on food
  • Removes the build ups on ovens and cookers.
  • Cleans in under 30 minutes

Oven Cleaners Scrubbing Pads - light duty - 114 x 255mm (41/2'x 10"inch)

Oven Cleaners Scrubbing Pads - White - light duty. Ideal for cleaning bright surfaces which may get scratched, chrome or soft stainless steel. 114mm x 255mm (4 1/2"x 10"inch)
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