CARBON OFF 2 & 2 CATERSAN - Oven Cleaner 4 pack Special Offer

  • 2 x 5 lt Carbon Off (Oven Cleaner Gel)
  • 2 x 5lt Catersan Kitchen Degreaser
  • Heavy Duty Oven Carbon Removal Gel
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Kitchen Degreaser
  • FREE DELIVERY UK mainland
  • Spectacular performance
  • Video demonstration
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Delivery date: 1-2 working days **No Current Delays Due To Covid-19**

Mixed Box:    2 x 5 Lt  CARBON-OFF Oven Cleaner Gel.

           Plus    2 x 5 Lt  CATERSAN - Kitchen Degreaser

                          1 Yellow Trigger Sprayer FOC


Professional Oven Cleaners top up order box  FREE DELIVERY (mainland UK) THIS PACK


Click:     CARBON-OFF   or    CATERSAN   (opens in separate window)


Scroll down for video kitchen degreasing.

Dynamic Chemical's Catersan M.S.D.S. available in any European language.

Catersan kitchen degreaser video link

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